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Scan Tool

AutoEnginuity's Scan Tool is a hardware and software combination for Windows PC, Windows Mobile (formerly Pocket PC) 2002 and 2003 compliant PDAs, and Palm computing devices.

 AutoEnginuity's Scan Tool was designed to be as easy to learn—as it is powerful. Scan Tool comes with an automated installation process, a complete and comprehensive User Guide, and an easy-to-use interface. You won't have to spend valuable time learning another piece of software, you can focus on what's important—servicing the vehicle.

Enhanced interface for Ford (EI01) 1994-2005

With the OBDII standard Ford only supports 20 - 40 sensors per the typical vehicle. But using the enhanced Ford interface, a typical Ford vehicle will support 200 - 300 sensors. Our enhanced Ford interface is only matched by dealer tools, we have support for 2900+ sensors selected from 67 systems. What’s more, the enhanced Ford interface would give you access to system tests like KOEO, KOER, Cylinder Contribution Test, Buzz Injector Test, Switch Test, Glow Plug Test, Windshield Wiper Tests, etc.

What AutoEnginuity's Scan Tool can do:

Something we offer that the others don’t:

Enhanced interface for GM (EI02) 1995-2004 

Our enhanced GM interface supports 600+ sensors selected from the powertrain and transmission systems. For you tuners out there, our enhanced GM interface gives you access to the Crank Position Learned test for most vehicles.

Product Comparison PDF... Download only right click and save as

*SP02 Ultimate Bundle is Ford & GM Enhanced Modules

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